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  1. The 2024 New South Wales Surf Ski Championships (NSWSSC) will comprise of 5 races organised by Race Series Director Luke Horder and Paddle Australia.
  2. The objective of NSW Surf Ski Championships is to provide a series of ocean and Harbour races where people feel comfortable out on the ocean course due to its safe proximity, distance and water safety. The shorter ocean courses provide an entry level for people entering into ocean paddling.
  3. The Series is open to surf ski craft including: Skis – (Ocean Racing Skis and SLSA ‘Spec’ Skis), Expedition Kayaks and Outrigger OC1 and OC2. 
Race Entry
  1. All participants in the NSW Surf Ski Championship series must be annual members of Paddle Australia or pay the one off event insurance fee. For paddlers intending to race the whole series, full Paddle Australia membership is by far the best option. For those who only wish to partake in one or two events and prefer to forgo the Paddle Australia 24/7 Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance protection whilst training, a Single-Event Membership is available at the time of event registration, offering membership of Paddle Australia for just the single event.
  2. All entries must be completed on-line, through JustGo, the Paddle Australia Membership and Event registration system. There will be no facility for entry on the day of the race.
  3. Early Bird Entry is available until midnight 2 weeks prior to each event. on the Monday before the day of the race. 
    Course Options
      1. There will be a variety of courses available at Race 1 Shoal Bay Showdown (7km/14km/20km), Race 2 Palm Beach Playoffs (14km/20km). Race 3 Malabar Majors (8km/16km/20km) Race 4 Superbanks Showdown (7km/14km/20km) and Race 5 Mosman Marathon (10km/20km). 
      Race Cancellation and Postponement
      1. Safety is the prime consideration for Race Management. The triggering condition for a Race Committee review will be wind forecasts predicting wind strength on the course above 18 knots, not including gusts (as at 16:00 the day prior). The BOM District and Marine Forecast shall be the primary source, however the Race Committee reserves the right to use other forecasts as it sees fit to as closely as possible determine the likely conditions locally on the day.
      2.  If, after taking into account all other factors such as wind direction, water and air temperature, the Race Committee deems conditions to be hazardous to the “average paddler”, it may decide to implement the alternative course or in extreme circumstances reschedule the race to a later date.
      3.  In the event of rescheduling, announcements will be posted on the NSWSSC website, social media pages, and via email notification (to the email provided on race entry) directly to all entrants by 16:00 on the day prior or as soon as possible thereafter.
      4. Where a race is cancelled on the day of the event due to unforeseen circumstances, every effort will be made to reschedule the race to a later date, with entries transferred to that new date.
      5. The Reserve Date for rescheduled events will be determined by Race Series Director Luke Horder. 
      Compulsory Equipment
      1. All paddlers must wear a Level 50 or 50S non-inflatable lifejacket that conforms to Australian Standards.
      2. One paddler of every Surf Ski must wear a leg leash at EVERY event. 
      3. Paddlers must enter the water through an entry gate (two teardrop flags) where compulsory equipment and boat numbers will be checked. Failure to enter through the designated entry gates will result in a DNS (Did Not Start) being applied.
      4. Equipment will be visually checked again as paddlers cross the finish line.
      5. Non-compliance with conditions 1-3 above will result in instant disqualification (DSQ) from the race and possibly also from the remainder of the series (at the sole discretion of the Race Series Director).
      Event Registration and Race Number
      1. All paddlers in the 2024 series will receive a new race number. Paddlers will use the same number for the entire series.
      2. All paddlers must Check-In at the race start line at least 60mins before the race start time. 
      3. Paddlers doing their first event of the Series will collect their race number stickers from the check in personnel. 
      4. The number panels are individually printed and not able to be reprinted. They must remain affixed to the craft for the whole series. Other number panels should be removed or covered over to avoid confusion. Paddlers who change craft during the series need to apply for a new number sticker from the check in personnel. 
      Race Briefing
      1. Paddlers are to make themselves fluent with the race details by reading the race briefing document sent to them before the event via email. Course details, safety requirements and starting/finishing procedures will be included. As every event is different, all paddlers are required to read the briefing.
      1. The start line will be indicated in the race briefing notes. Some races will be a beach jump start, where the paddler stands next to their surf ski in knee depth water. Some races may be a deep water start from an orange buoy maker or starter speedboat.      The Race Starter will: Hold up a Wave Number card (1, 2 , 3) to indicate the which wave is about to start Raise a green flag giving the paddlers in that wave a 1-minute warning to come up to (but not cross) the start line. Race Start will be signaled by the dropping of the green flag and a single blast of an air horn.
        On Water Etiquette
        1. Paddlers should check either side for other craft when approaching turns and must allow room for other craft that may be wash-riding or paddling alongside through the turn.
        2. All competitors must give way to other waterways users during the event, especially sailing craft and powered vessels. If approaching another vessel, keep to the RIGHT, or pass behind that vessel. DO NOT TRY TO CROSS IN FRONT OF A POWERED VESSEL.
        3. All paddlers are required to render assistance to another paddler who has capsized. The nearest paddler must remain with the capsized person until they either remount, or until a safety boat has attended. Time lost while rendering assistance may be reinstated based on evidence provided.
        4. If Race Director or any of the safety boats wave a red flag, the race has been stopped and paddlers must follow the direction of the Race Officials/Safety boat crew.
        Race Finishes
        1. The finish line will be indicated in the race briefing notes, and all paddlers must cross between the finish line flags in order to have their time recorded.
        2. Any paddler who withdraws from a race after the start and exits the course without finishing (DNF) must inform the Timekeepers or Race Officials at the race finish line, and must not pass through the finish gate.
        3. Paddlers are not permitted to change their race distance after they have started the race.
        1. All competitors must respect the spirit of fair play and non-violence and behave in accordance with the rules of good sportsmanship.
        2. Any competitor who attempts to win a race by any other than honorable means, or who breaks racing regulations will be Disqualified (DSQ) for the duration of the race concerned and may incur further penalty at the discretion of the Race Director.
        3. Physical violence will result in immediate disqualification for the duration of the race, and referral to the Race Series Director (if deemed appropriate) regarding disciplinary action and eligibility for future races. All participants should be aware that physical violence is also a matter for common/criminal law and will be dealt with accordingly, in addition to any action taken by the Series Race Director. 
        Interpretation of Rules
        1. The intention of the above Rules is to provide a fair and enjoyable  competitive environment for all paddlers. For any situation, the decision of the Series Race Director shall remain final.
        Code of Conduct
        1. By entering the race(s) all competitors agree to be bound by the Paddle Australia Code of Behaviour Policy (2016) ( https://paddle.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/20160620-POL-Code-of-Behaviour- Policy.pdf ) and the Member Protection Policy (2016) ( https://paddle.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/20160618-POL-Member-Protection-Policy.pdf ). Any competitor found to have breached these Policies, as determined by the Series Race Director and Paddle NSW, will be disqualified from further participation in the Series for that season.
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