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Race 5 (finale) - Superbanks

Our mission is to INSPIRE, EMPOWER & ENGAGE paddlers to come together and compete in the sport they love. By creating a supportive and encouraging environment we aim to provide a race series where people feel safe to do an ocean event or to enter into their first ever surf ski ocean event.

Finishing off the series is the much anticipated race event Superbanks. Paddlers will enjoy the following course options: the 13.5km short course or the 20km long course.  All courses finish with the paddler catching the infamous Box Head (Superbanks) 1km wave to the finish line. We would like to respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we gather, the Kooris of the Darkinjung, Guringai and Awabakal tribes and pay our respects to their Elders past and present. We extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in attendance.

The Superbanks Showdown:

Saturday 21st October @ 2pm is the 13.5km and 20km ocean events.

The 13.5km short course ocean event starts from Patonga Beach and heads up river before turning and paddling around Lion Island to finish at Ettalong Beach. If the course is reversed paddlers start from Putty Beach and head North via Maitland Bay to then turn and paddle back to Ettalong Beach (Course maps below).

The 20km long course ocean event starts from Patonga Beach and heads up river before turning and paddling out to Barejoey and then to the South end of Palm Beach (ocean side) to then make another turn and finish at Ettalong Beach. If the course is reversed the race starts from the Haven, Terrigal Beach and finishes at Ettalong Beach (Course maps below).

If weather conditions are severe there is an alternative 10km or 16km course around St Huberts Island. The 10km course will be 1 lap short and the 16km course will be 2 laps.  

We take your best positioning result from either the 13.5km event or 20km event. 20km paddlers will receive slightly higher points than the 13.5km course competitors. Your points count towards your NSW Surf Ski Championship overall ranking. Our NSW Surf Ski Championships point scoring formula makes people feel competitive at every event, regardless of their age and gender. The NSW Surf Ski Championships rankings table allows you to see how you rank against your fellow peers in your age group and gender.

The presentation of the 20KM course, will see the male and female course race winner receive a $250 prepaid visa card each from our great sponsor IPDA Corporate Office Fitouts

Second and third place winners will receive cool Salty Cheeks prizes from our good friends @ and Tango Charlie Lights

The male and female race winner of the 13km course will receive cool Salty Cheeks prizes from our good friends @ and Tango Charlie Lights 

All the paddlers’ names will be placed in a hat and the lucky ‘door’ prizes include a chance to win one of two EPIC Carbon Paddle (valued $500 each) from our sponsor IPDA Corporate Office Fitouts.  A Bennett Carbon Paddle (valued $800) will be gifted out from Greg Bennett

The big prize for the NSW Surf Ski Championships series is a chance to win a brand-new Ultra EPIC Surf Ski (valued $5250) or a ALLWAVE Corso Layup surf ski (valued $5250). All paddlers’ names will be placed in a hat and two names from this event will be drawn, for entry into the big prize draw on 21st October.

After the 5th and final race event SUPERBANKS on October 21st, the names drawn across the 5 race series will be placed into a hat and the two surf skis will be gifted out to two lucky winners.

A big thank you to our amazing sponsors EPIC KAYAKS Australia and ALLWAVE Australia for these generous prizes.

Remember, you have to be at the presentation if your name is drawn for any of the lucky door prizes.

We hope everyone has a great weekend both on and off the water.


13.5km Short Course:

S/SE/SW/West course direction is Patonga Beach to Ettalong Beach (swell pending) 

Race start will be a standing beach start off the East end of Patonga Beach. 



13.5km Short Course Reversed:

N/NE/NW/East course direction is Putty Beach, Maitland Bay to Ettalong Beach (swell pending)

Race start will be a deep water start 100m of the North end of Putty Beach. 


20km Long Course:

S/SE/SW/West course direction is Patonga Beach to Palm Beach and finishing at Ettalong Beach (swell pending) 

Race start will be a standing beach start off the East end of Patonga Beach. 


20km Long Course Reversed:

N/NE/NW/East course direction is the Haven, Terrigal and finishing at Ettalong Beach (swell pending)

Race start will be a deep water start 150m off the Haven, Terrigal. 





10km and 16km Alternative Courses: 

Winds over 24 knots or large dangerous swell the alternative course from Pretty Beach around St Huberts Island and back will be employed. Short course 1 lap and Long course 2 laps. 



Event programme: NSW Surf Ski Championships NSWSSC

Thursday, 19th October

1159                              NSWSSC Registration closes

Friday, 20th October

1030                              NSWSSC Ocean conditions inspection

1600                              NSWSSC briefing/start line emailed to all competitors

1630                              NSWSSC entries listed online

Saturday, 21st October

13.5km and 20km Races

1030                              Course Start and Finish Event Crews arrive

1100                              Water Safety put in turning markers

1130                              Competitor Check in Opens

1300                              Competitor Check in Closes

1330                              Race Briefing at each start line

1345                              Competitors warm up time

1400                              NSWSSC Race Start – Ocean Skis and Spec Skis

1430 onwards               NSWSSC Course finished 

1630 onwards               NSWSSC Preso


Registration and Safety Equipment Inspections:

Registrations and mandatory safety equipment (PFD) inspections will be held at the start line of each race event, 30 mins prior to the race start.

Once inspection of your mandatory equipment has been completed your race number provided will be written on your right hand, plus your race number sticker will be placed on the front right hand side of your craft. 

By entering the NSWSSC you agree to the following:

  1. You understand the risks associated with Ocean Racing and acknowledge your responsibilities to help a distressed paddler
  2. You will comply with the mandatory safety equipment rules of:


  1. All surf ski paddlers must wear an approved minimum Level 50 / Level 50S Lifejacket. Your lifejacket must be Hi-Vis or a Hi-Vis top is to be worn over the top of the lifejacket. No bum bag inflatable lifejackets are permitted.

Safety Leash

  1. All competitors must be attached to their craft via a safety leash.

Hi-Vis Clothing

  1. All competitors must wear a piece of Hi-Vis clothing.
  2. This can be a Hi-Vis lifejacket or Hi-Vis top worn over your lifejacket.

Mobile Phone using SafeTrx Tracking App or VHF Radio

  1. All competitors are required to have either a mobile phone with the SafeTrx tracking app OR a VHF Radio and a distress beacon (EPIRB or PLB) with them during the race.
  2. In the event of an emergency, a competitor’s location can be tracked either by the SafeTrx app or a distress beacon. The race event channel will be channel 77 to those using VHF Marine Radios.


    1. All competitors are required to have a pealess whistle attached to their Lifejacket.


    •  It is also recommended that a minimum of 1L of water is to be carried during the race, and sun protection such as a hat and sunscreen.
    • We strongly recommend that competitors are hydrated before, during and after the race.
      • Competitors should be Sun Safe, including wearing appropriate clothing and sunscreen.

      Starting the race

      Due to the high tide all event starts will be a deep water start, sitting in your surf ski ready to start, except for Patonga beach start line where the standing beach start will be employed. 

      Two (2) minutes prior, the Race Director will align all boats ready for the start.

      Once all boats are aligned the Race Director will start the race with a shot from a gun or shouting the word “GO”.

      A start flag may be used if the conditions do not allow for an audible signal.

      Finishing the race

      The finish line will be on Ettalong Beach between two NSWSSC flags.

      Please make sure you advise the race finishers of your race number through the finish line transition area - if you fail to advise the race finisher of your number you will be disqualified.

      Evacuation Points

      Course safety vessels will be with you on the course for the duration of the race.

      If you need assistance during the race, raise your paddle above your head so a safety vessel or other paddlers can see you until help arrives.

      In case of an emergency on land or water the patient will be transported to the closest Surf Life Saving Club Carpark Emergency Areas.

      Water Evacuation Points will be the closest beach access point. When on course if Life Support is needed Volunteer Marine Rescue will be the first responders to enable First Aid, DFIB and fast boat access to an Emergency Medical Access point.

      Award Presentations

      The NSWSSC overall series winners and the Superbanks 13.5km and 20km presentations will be at 4:45pm on Ettalong Beach (Race finish line area). Celebration drinks 5pm onwards to celebrate a great year of racing in the NSW Surf Ski Championships. We encourage you to book a nights accommodation at Ettalong to hang around and enjoy the fun. 

      Competition rules

      The NSWSSC are conducted under the ICF Canoe Ocean Racing Rules - Current Version dated 1 January 2019. It is the responsibility of the competitor to be familiar with these rules.

      I would also like to acknowledge and thank this year’s volunteers who have generously donated their time and resources to ensure the NSW Surf Ski Championships are a great success.

      Yours in paddling,

      Luke Horder
      Race Director


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